The real education is life itself

Sandra was born on 1 May 1976 in Weingarten near Ravensburg and has lived for many years with her family in southern Germany, on the western side of Lake Constance.

Equipped with a synaesthetic perception

as a child I already would speak to trees, would listen to stones, and recognise when people were not authentic. Certain sounds or other energies could cause me real physical pain and I could not only hear music but also see it. Numbers were alive to me, and I could clearly feel injustice and pain from others. But in my childhood, there was no one who could have explained this to me as having to do with an “expanded perception” or even with “multidimensional functions”. So instead, I tried to adapt to the 3D reality that was practised everywhere. In hindsight, this was of course a departure from my soul plan, which was then “reported back” to me in violent physical, psychological, and spiritual issues.

At that time, I was only treated with conventional medicine, which did not help me but rather aggravated the ailments. Also, completely different issues arose at an inner level than I could observe amongst my peers. I would ask about the deeper meaning, about the things behind all things. Is there anything like coincidences? What is time? Why are we here? Do we have a purpose? Why are some people healthy and happy while others suffer? What distinguishes some of us from others? What do the lucky ones do differently? Is fate the deciding factor or are we ourselves the creators of our lives?

This searching and questioning, in combination with my persistent nature and the urge to recognise and remove the “root of all evil”, were a strong drive for which I am very grateful in retrospect, because in no training, have I ever learned as much as through my own issues, which – viewed in a solution-oriented way – are always the best teachers. On the path of self-healing I read hundreds of books and familiarised myself with several methods and possibilities, including reincarnation therapy, PHEET, Reiki, ThetaHealing, Matrix, Access Consciousness, …

I experienced unexpected quantum leaps

Completely new dimensions of perception and world view would open to me. Finally, I was allowed to live, perceive, and even helpfully employ for the benefit of other people what I had always been! In an ingenious and simple way, everything joined together inside me only to form a method with which I could effectively aid those people who would come to me for help. Thus, THEKI was born. THEKI combines methods that have been successful for thousands of years from all over the world with the latest findings of quantum physics, neurobiology, and modern consciousness research. I call THEKI our nature, something that everyone can learn. It absolutely conforms with today’s vibration, with the shift in consciousness and with modern spirituality. In all these years I was able to recall more and more further incarnations of myself, also from Atlantis and from Egypt, and thus understood that I “remembered” THEKI because we already used to work like this back then.

Since 2008 I have been giving the THEKI seminars and every year I am allowed to reach thousands of people with my work. I have healed my “incurable” autoimmune disease (Hashimoto), created an incredibly happy and authentic family, and raised my whole life to a level of authenticity, abundance, and love. For me, this is also the deepest message of any healing: you heal yourself! Others can support and accompany you, but no one can heal you, you do this all by yourself.

I am deeply moved by gratitude for fulfilling my own soul plan and for participating in raising the frequency – both on a personal and global level.

It is not our task here to become ever more holy and perfect, but rather to become more and more conscious and authentic.
You cannot seek reality outside yourself because you are reality. Lama Yeshe
Anmelden und profitieren!

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