The THEKI 1 – Basic Seminar is the beginning of a new life. YOUR life in a new version. If you want it. Self-determined. Conscious. Free. Healthy. Happy. You.

In this 3-day seminar (online seminar 21 days) you will learn how to connect with the Source and thus get yourself and others you are working with into the theta state. In this way, profound processes are possible that can finally bring about real change. In addition to basic psychological, spiritual, and scientific information, you will learn how to free yourself from destructive ego layers with a variety of tools and gradually uncover your true self. In this way you transform limiting patterns and blockages, and your life can change on all levels.

Basically, all exercises and information help to raise your vibration. You will train your energy system to become centred in your heart and to keep staying centred there in everyday life. You will be given tools that are very suitable for daily life, so that you can do transformational work, anytime and anyplace.

Selma Lagerlöv

„The miracle I have waited so long for is myself.“

Seminar Contents

  • The un-wrapping -> from our ego to our true self
  • The THEKI technique: Source consciousness, theta state, intention, witnessing
  • Perception with the spiritual senses
  • THEKI is Quantum Physics in action
  • Rules & Tips
  • The multidimensional energy system
  • Basic cleansing: Desensitise scars, transformation of self-limitations, intrusive foreign energies, fear matrix, rituals, initiations, contracts, reality frames, projections, healing disappointments and much more.
  • Purification process
  • Peak states
  • Transforming traumas, engrams, restoring life force
  • Timeline work on several levels (current life, other lives, ancestral lineage)
  • Harmonising relationships
  • Self-forgiveness, forgiveness
  • Enhance Live Force
  • Changing beliefs & recreating positive ones
  • Transform and integrate feelings
  • Quantum Fields
  • Using Mirrors for understanding life
  • Manifesting successes
  • Joint exercises
  • Further usefull tips

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Duration & Price

Duration: 21 days
Price: € 540,- incl. 19% VAT
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  • 40 individual videos for all lessons
  • 18 meditations as MP3’s
  • High quality printed manual
  • Exclusive access to THEKI Telegram groups
  • Live-Chat via Zoom with Sandra
  • Certificate
You have the incomparable talent to make highly complex things understandable for everyone by using straightforward words. This truly is great art. I love your work. Please keep it up so that we can hear and read a lot more from you. Kurt
Thank you so much for the great online seminar! The brochure, website and videos are beautifully designed and produced, Sandra's voice and explanations are pure delight! What a wonderful way to learn and grow! Looking forward to so much more. Kind regards Gudrun
Reluctantly I make use of the limited communication with words. Nevertheless, I would like to share something with you. I started this new year with THEKI and have already signed up for THEKI 2 in February. With my two little daughters, I really respected the challenge. And yet the quiet voice of my heart and soul won. Simply everything became wide inside me when I found 'you'. And quite honestly? I devoured the online seminar with ease. I devote every free minute to it - not because I have to, but because I can't help it. Even when I wake up at night, I am happy that I just was given an extra opportunity to do THEKI 🙂 Even the 'darkest' chapters I can now face with openness and love. Svenja
The THEKI seminars have helped me to see my life clearly and to know that I have all events in my own hands and can direct them positively. As well as the path to my vocation, which I can now live with joy and happiness. My daily practice of THEKI is currently sending me just the right people. It is a gift to help people become more aware and for them to see their lives more clearly, too. Bettina K.
Today I want to thank you for another year in which I felt so wonderfully accompanied. I am so happy that you are in my life, with Theki and with your wealth of experience, which you share so lovingly and full of presence with me and many others. I wish you the Rauhnächte (twelve nights) and holidays that are beautiful and enchanting for you, and a magical transition into the new year, the new decade!!! Sabine

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