FAQ Online Seminars

Here you can find the most important information about the online seminars.

  • Yes, if you are ready to uncover your uniqueness
  • Yes, if you want to enter your spiritual world or deepen your contact with it
  • Yes, if you are ready for the changes in your life that you have always been longing for
  • Yes, if you are already working therapeutically, giving healings, or otherwise accompanying people or animals and would like to further de-velop this work
  • Yes, if you want to let go of everything you are, only to become clearer and more authentic
  • Yes, if you want to replace complicated, tedious methods with something effective and simple
  • Yes, if you want to have tools at hand in your everyday life that can help you in practically any situation
  • Yes, if you want to live a heart-based life
  • Yes, if you want to go through your everyday life perfectly grounded & ‘heaven-ed up’
  • Yes, if you want to allow more vital energy to flow in your body & life
  • Yes, if you want to become an ever-greater active creator of your reality
  • Yes, if you want to make distinct and solution-oriented decisions
  • Yes, if you want to live your life full of joy again, instead of being lived
  • Yes, if you want love, respect, and trust to define your relationships again
  • Yes, if you want to follow your soul’s calling and walk your soul path
  • Yes, if you want to participate lovingly and vibrantly in the transformation of the earth
  • Yes, if you are ready for the next step in your life!

You can book/purchase your THEKI online seminar via our separate website onlineseminare.theki.eu. Immediately after purchase and payment, the seminar is available to you for the specified period. You can therefore start right away and, above all, decide for yourself when you want to start by deciding when you want to buy it. It is best to buy the seminar on the day you want to start, in the morning. This way it will be available to you for the longest time.

The handbook and the printed certificate will be sent to you immediately by post, on the same or the following working day. Don’t worry, you can download the handbook as a PDF-document and start immediately!

After the specified period, the seminar will no longer be available to you – but don’t worry, we have deliberately set the period as long so that you can easily work through all the topics. It’s best to download the MP3 meditations and the handbook right at the beginning.

Even though you can choose your own time for the seminar, you are never alone. There are many other participants who are working on their seminars at the same time as you. For exchange, you can network via the THEKI ‘Weltenlichter’ group on Telegram (you get access via the seminar). Besides Sandra, there are over 1,000 active seminar participants with whom you can exchange ideas.

There are also weekly Zooms with Sandra and Nikola, where you can ask your questions, in case you should have any 🙂

The entire seminar, including videos, exercises/meditations, and online handbook, is activated for you around the clock for the entire specified period. After that, access to the seminar is no longer available. However, you can still download all exercises/meditations as mp3 during the seminar. You will also have the original handbook with lots of important information (we always send it by post).

This is more than enough time. We go through the same content in the attendance seminar in 1-3 days, depending on the seminar. You have free choice of time, so you can do everything in a few days or split it up into approx. 1 hour per day.

In principle, few questions should arise, as Sandra has become familiar with the questions asked over the years and therefore has incorporated them as information in the lessons and manuals. If you have any questions, please read everything again and listen carefully to the individual lessons. In addition, you get the opportunity to network in the special Telegram group. This way you can not only clarify questions among yourselves, but also exchange experiences and make contacts beyond the seminar if applicable.

Sandra and Nikola also offer a weekly Zoom meeting for all seminar participants for questions and answers.

You can attend the entire online seminar conveniently and easily via your smartphone. Smartphones by now even support the download of audio files. All you need is enough memory space because our files are relatively large. Of course, the download works perfectly on any PC or laptop. You can also download the free Coachannel app, available for mobile phones and tablets, and complete your seminar conveniently via the app.

The THEKI 1 seminar is a prerequisite for all further seminars. Of course, the book cannot replace a seminar.. But it helps to grasp everything faster and to get through the seminar well. Therefore, it is not an absolute must, but beneficial to have read it beforehand.

All online seminars are now available without an appointment. You purchase the respective seminar and can start right away!

In general, digital content that is immediately available after purchase is excluded from the classic right of return. However, if for any reason you are unable to complete the seminar after purchase or have another valid reason, we can postpone or cancel the seminar. We can always see whether a participant had already started the seminar.

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