THEKI to go: A brief description

My name is Sandra Weber. I have been working for about 15 years at Lake Constance with my method THEKI and since then I have had the privilege to help many people find a new, more fulfilling path through seminars and individual sessions.

In essence, you could say that we work “holistically”, i.e., we pay attention to body, soul and mind and remove blockages everywhere to restore wholeness. That is a the basis. Always considering the natural & cosmic laws and rhythms.

This goes very deep with THEKI, e.g., includes:


Ancestral lineage, cell consciousness, activation of the DNA, the pineal gland, straightening up the spine, glands, hormones, heart energy field (torus field), but also a shift in substantial influences such as radiation, toxins, heavy metals –and their elimination — and of course the unshackled nutrition, which provides us with the energy that supports us here instead of blocking us.


Reincarnation therapy, soul plan, soul path, spiritual team, heart energy (soul),


Connection to Source, to the divine, understanding and correctly using creation power, programming, thoughts, freedom

All processes with THEKI basically serve to raise the vibration, because everything is a question of vibration, the whole world view, one’s own condition, the body, the relationships, whether you live in abundance or in lack – simply everything. Raising the vibration is exactly what we need in this time of change.


I have summarised all this under the term THEKI, whereby THEKI for me is much more than the sum of these individual themes. It is precisely in their interaction that the whole potential unfolds and the view into infinity is given.

THEKI gives to anyone who wants it all the tools to come fully into their power and thereby use their creation power appropriately – for the life they really want to live. Liberated, self-determined, healthy, and happy.

Yet it is incredibly simple. The greatest truth lies in simplicity. It is suitable for everyday life and in principle corresponds to our true nature – the way to use our creation power once more in a concrete and loving way. Not just for ourselves, but for the greater whole!

Everything is taught in the seminars so that everyone can help themselves. Back to our own nature, back to our own power and self-determination. In the individual sessions, of course, we take an individual approach.

I am deeply convinced that all power is within us, that the true core of all of us is LOVE and that when we awaken, we are automatically all for freedom, justice, community, authenticity, peace, and love.


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